Better SearchFooter in AdvStringGrid/DBAdvGrid

The SearchFooter is working as expected but there are some visual things I (and some of my customers) don't like:

  1. if in the grid is a horizontal scrollbar a little part of the SearchFooter bottom (Edit-Field and part of the Buttons) is not visible:
  2. if you search and found an entry the grid jumps always to the lowest row - so you can't see if there are one or 10 found - of course you can switch on SearchResults but it is better to see if there are more entrys/rows found if the first entry is i.e in the middle of the grid.
  3. why not put the SearchFooter on top of the grid and the first found entry in the top row?

We investigated this and it looks like the issues you see are related to high DPI and a newer version of Delphi (Delphi 12?)
We applied improvements for this meanwhile that will be included in the next update.

We'll consider for a future version to have the option that the search footer can be set on top.