TAdvStringGrid Problem with the programmer typing this...

Hi folks, (hopefully) quick question. I am programmatically populating a grid that will contain 48 columns, and despite my trying to set the column widths of some columns to a fixed with, my lack of understanding is causing the grid cells to all be really narrow. I would hope adding too many columns would simply cut off the columns to the right, but it's almost like the grid is trying to make sure I show every column without scrolling?

I'm obviously missing a setting or something; please help.


Dropping a new TAdvStringGrid on the form with the following code:

  AdvStringGrid1.ColCount := 48;

Shows a scrollable grid.

Did you potentially enable column stretching in your grid or do you apply auto-sizing?

Thank you for your reply. Yeah I screwed something up in the settings and couldn't remember what I'd changed. As you suggested, I deleted the control and re-added it and it fixed it.

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Thanks for the feedback!

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