TAdvStringGrid demo version column resize

I am trying to build a quick proof of concept demo using the trial version of TAdvStringGrid. I can not get the columns to be resizable using the option of goColSizing, nor move them by setting goColMoving. What could I be doing wrong?

Also, is there a way to have the column width auto-set to the widest, such as Excel has?

Putting a default TAdvStringGrid on the form and setting goColSizing = true, goColMoving = true under grid.Options should be sufficient. Did you use other property settings / event handlers that might interfere?
Also, when you set goColSizing = true, you can double click on the column splitter and it will auto-size the width of the column to fit the text.

I had changed a lot of settings, doing what I thought would give me the features I needed. Putting a default grid on the form worked. But what settings would interfere, so I don't create the same problem down the road?


There are hundreds of settings, so it is a kind of hard to guess from here what you did.
I'd suggest to go over the properties in grid.MouseActions and remove event handlers if you had used any of these.