TadvStringGrid Rendering Fixed Row Wrong with Themes

I'm still having problems getting TAdvStringGrids to render reliably in Delphi 10.4.1 with latest TAdvStringGrid when using VCL Themes (any theme).

I removed any events associated with my grid and also removed any setting of grid colors by code, but found that the fixed rows were still not rendering correctly. I was setting cell values using Grid.Cells[col, row] and then aligning them using Grid.Alignments[col, row].
After experimentation I found that setting Grid.Alignments[col, row] in the fixed row cells caused the rendering problem when using a theme. The regular cells draw OK as do the fixed columns.

See attached screenshots (bad vs. good). The only difference in code from bad to good is commenting out the following:
// for i := 1 to BalGrid.ColCount-1 do
// Grid.Alignments[i, 0] := taRightJustify;

I realize based on your previous answer that when using themes some of the properties of a grid are ignored (e.g. the Fixed grid lines do not work), but the above I believe is actually a rendering problem. I hope you can help as the ability to right-align fixed cells is pretty important in my app. Thanks!

I cannot reproduce this.
This code was applied to a default TAdvStringGrid in an app with Carbon VCL style

OK - thanks - I will try to work up a simple(r) example..