TAdvStringGrid fixed merge...


Delphi 10.2.3, grid version

I do not want/need a fixed column or fixed row but, I need to, via the mouse, alter the column width and row height so 1 fixed column and 1 fixed row.

I was able to configure the grid so the fixed col/rows appear as normal cells and can edit as a normal cell.

The user is allowed to merge cells. Holding down the shift key and using the arrow keys to select the cells to merge. But, that does not allow merging the fixed cells.

Am I missing a setting? Ideas?



At this moment, column sizing is performed by dragging the border of a fixed column header cell. Without a fixed row (or column), the grid has no built-in sizing capability for columns (or rows).
Fixed cells are normally not selectable, so that is causing the issue you cannot perform the selection for cell merging within fixed cells.

Thanks for the response.

Hi Mark,

Not sure if this solution is possible in your case, but I had a similar situation where I didn't want a fixed row, but needed to resize the columns and I did it by keeping the fixed row, but making the FixedRowHeight very small (2 or 3 pixels) There's not an 'obvious' fixed row visible, but you can still use it to resize the columns.



Thanks for the response. While relaxing last night I thought about setting the fixed row and column size very small, sort of hidden.

This morning I decided it would be better to include the fixed col/row and justify/explain that design/implementation.

An optional feature to adjust the col/row size via any cell border would be very nice, with or without a fixed col/row.