TAdvSpreadGrid formula error with insert row

I have a problem with formula when i insert a row :

I have a TAdvSpreadGrid (name : Recapitulatif) with this formula :


where Coefficients is another SpreadGrid. If i insert a row before, the formula not change (=V9
 but if y modify the formula (ex : =V92) an i insert a row the result is ok (=V102).

It sems when i use linked SpreadGrid in formula, insert row work not correcty (the formula in not updated).

Someone has the solution, please ?

Did you setup the gridbinder correct? 

Are you using the latest version of the grid?
Did you check our demo on linking TAdvSpreadGrids that demonstrates how this is used?

I think that the gridbinder is correct
I am using the last version :

But i found a solution :

if formula is =A2Coefficient!A1 then insert don't update the formula
if formula is ==Coefficient!A1
A2 then insert update the formula

I have make a small example, link :


Select cell B2 and clik buton "Insert Row":
the formula in B3 is correct : =Coefficient!A1A3
the formula in B4 is not correct : =A3
Coefficient!A1 must be =A5*Coefficient!A1

I dont now if it is normal or not ?