TAdvSmoothTouchKeyBoard memory leak

Hi, using MadExcept ressource leak report, I see a few leaks when using a TAdvSmoothTouchKeyBoard.

It is quite easy to repdocue because simply dropping a TAdvSmoothTouchKeyBoard on a new form and executing the projets will show up a few leaks of type GdipAlloc when closing the project. I get a few more leaks if I press a few keys on this keyboard before closing the project.

I am using Delphi 7. Can you tell me if those are intended leaks or if they can be fixed? I noticed the TAdvTouchKeyboard doesn't have suck leaks.


We do not have MadExcept here but retested this with the Delphi memory leak test tool but couldn't see an issue.
We are also not aware of any memory leak in the component.
Is this the latest version v1.7.0.1 you're testing?

We have investigated this here and have applied a fix, the memory leak wasn't reported with reportmemoryleaksonshutdown, but increased the memory usage in the task manager. The next update will address this.

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