Memory leaks on TAdvSVGImageCollection

I have checked the memory leaks on a new project using the components TVirtualImageList, TAdvSVGImageCollectionItems and TAdvToolBar.
The svg image collections contains 100 icons in svg format.
The virtual image list contains references to these 100 icons.
I have created a advtoolbar with only 4 icons from this virtual image list.
When I compile and I run the application, it takes around some minutes to show the form. The memory is at the maximum in 32 bits process, around 1.5GB of used RAM.

The log from madExcept tell us the next:

I need you can check these memory leaks or we cant use your components in our applications.

Can you send us a test project?

Thanks for the sample, there was indeed a memory leak, we fixed it.

Waiting for new version, any release date?

We do bi-weekly releases. Next update is for week of june 19

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