Memory Leaks AdvSmoothPanel

When i execute this code, i obtain memory leaks. Each click increase memory.
I compile with Delphi & C++ Builder 2010 update 4.
procedure TForm268.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  p := TAdvSmoothPanel.Create(Frame2691);
  p.Width := 200;
  p.Height := 200;
  p.Parent := Frame2691;

As already communicated by email, and after testing on many different machines / environments, we cannot reproduce this.

When i compile in others machines the problem is the same. I reproduce leak.
For mor information I use IDE rad studio 2010 update 4.
With components like TAdvSmoothButton, TAdvSmoothGauge, TAdvSmoothLedLabel there's no problem. The memory is correctly free.

Did you try to set ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutDown := true to have more exact memory leak reporting?

I tried with ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown option set to true.
No message at the end of the application.

I installed rad studio 2010 on an other machine with the last tms smooth pack. The problem is the same : memory leak.
So, i installed Aqtime software (it's a profiler). I have a little more information :
When i click for the first time on the button :
A TMemoryStream object is create and not free.
A TList size increase
The VCL native memory increase.

I'm sorry but I do not see evidence of this. I fail to see any memory leak in TAdvSmoothPanel nor the underlying classes it uses.

I decide to remove all TAdvSmoothPanel from all your applications.
Thank's for your help.

I decide to remove all TAdvSmoothPanel from all our applications.

Thank's for your help.

I installed TMS Advanced Smooth Controls pack (04/02/2011). And now, everything is ok. I think there were a real memory leak. Thanks for this update.