TAdvSmoothSpinner malfunction

TMS Version , Control Version

With 1 TAdvSmoothSpinnerColumn RangeType = rtDateTime, StepType = stMonth or stYear, and Step = 1
Spinner->Colums->Item[0]->Previous(true)  Always goes back 2 steps
Spinner->Colums->Item[0]->Next(true) Does nothing
With StepType = stDay it functions well.
With RangeType = rtNumber it functions well
With previous versions of the control it performs well,
Actually not very well because a problem while animating. if you call Next() faster than the control finish with updating , the control turns erratically up or down or not changing at all. same with previous.

Thank you for your feedback, 

We have been able to reproduce this here and we will look in to this issue as soon as possible.

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Scheldeman Pieter