Default Color of TAdvPanel Changed

 I just upgrade to VCL UI Pack from v10.1.5.1 to v10.1.6.2.

Somewhere between these two version the the default color of TAdvPanel changed from 'clBtnFace' to 'clWhite'.  Can you please revert back to the traditional value?

Royce Arnold

This is by design.

It should not affect existing applications. It is just when a NEW panel is added at design-time that it now adopts a more modern look (Office 2019 style).

It more that just the color the default.  The Bevel Inner and Bevel Outer have changed as well.

I have NO desire to have my application styled after any version of office.

Then, can you at least add a new UIStyle that supports the traditional defaults?


The design had the intention to be backwards compatible.
If this wasn't the case for your project, please send the exact panel settings so we can investigate this and fix this.

For this case, do you see the difference at design time or only at runtime? When you only see this at runtime, try to set AdvPanel.UIStyle := tsCustom.Bruno Fierens2020-02-07 22:35:57