AdvGridPrintSettingsDialog bug in last version?

I upgraded to TMS Component Pack

Since then all my forms using AdvGridPrintSettingsDialog won't compile.

It says the PreviewPanel.ExplicitWidth property does not exist and automatically removes the component (AdvGridPrintSettingsDialog) from the form.

How to reproduce:
- Create an empty projet
- Drop a AdvGridPrintSettingsDialog on the form and the error message will appear.

I am using delphi 7.

Help would be appreciated.


This is introduced in newer Delphi versions. We've cleaned this up now too for old Delphi version compatibility. Next update will address this.

Nice to know it has been fixed. This is not the first time this same error has occurred. Approximately two updates ago a similar problem existed and was fixed and now back again. The problem is you can recompile your programs and if you do not open a form with the control it will compile without errors and only surface when running the program and opening a form. I have always liked your products and have been a supported for years. What worries me is that it was reported, fixed and we must wait an incessantly long time for the fix to be available. Bad business.

Lawrence T. Harmon

The problem is caused by incompatibilities in form files between older & newer Delphi versions. Newer Delphi versions write extra info to the DFM that old versions do not understand. This is an extremely annoying issue as we do main development in newer Delphi versions but must each time clean up DFM files that newer Delphi versions created. We'll try to see if this cleanup can be automated, but until that, it just means a lot of manual work that can get overlooked.