TAdvRichEditorFormatButtonBar font combobox seting problem ...

Good morning to all,
i have a little problem wirth TAdvRichEditorFormatButtonBar (called MM2TB) font combo box.
This component is linked to a TAdvRichEditor (called MM2) and in design time if i change a MM2 font when i run the program the MM2TB font combobox is setted to the appropriate MM2 font.
But if i change the MM2 font at runtime i'm not able to set the MM2TB combobox font to the appropriate font.
This is the code who i try to set the new font (MM2 font befor run this code is Thaoma Size 8) :

    MM2.Font.Name:=S1Edt2.Text; // Symbol
    MM2.Font.Size:=SP1.Value;   // 10

   // or MM2TB.Font.Assign(MM2.Font);
The font combobox change the font but not to the selected one but is setted to another one, in this case the combo box is set to another one incomprehensible.
The same if i use the commented line.
If i choose Times New Roman with size = 10, the combo box is alway setted to Thaoma 10 (MM2 default font name.

Any suggestion on how i can resolve this problem?

Thank's in advance
Best regards

Good afternoon to all,
after a short look to source code i tryed, with succes, to change font on the way into font combobox and font size combo box.

Here the piece of code that do the job (very crude .... but works ...) wher I and P are integer, S1Edt1 is edit where is stored the new font name and SP1 is new font size.

    // Try to find correct font ..
    for I:=0 to MM2TB.ComponentCount - 1 do
      if (MM2TB.Components[I] is TComboBox) then
        if (MM2TB.Components[I] as TComboBox).Hint='Font Styles' then
          P:=(MM2TB.Components[I] as TComboBox).Items.IndexOf(S1Edt2.Text);
          if P>-1 then (MM2TB.Components[I] as TComboBox).ItemIndex:=P;
        if (MM2TB.Components[I] as TComboBox).Hint='Font Size' then
          P:=(MM2TB.Components[I] as TComboBox).Items.IndexOf(SP1.Text);
          if P > -1 then (MM2TB.Components[I] as TComboBox).ItemIndex:=P;

Hope this can be useful to someone else.

Best regards

Fwiw, TAdvRichEditorFormatButtonBar is offered as a rudimentary UI control using only standard VCL controls like TComboBox, TSpeedButton, ...
TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar is based on TMS VCL UI Pack toolbar controls, is action based and has built-in bidirectional updating, i.e. if you change the font in TAdvRichEditor, the toolbar will automatically pick this up.