TAdvRichEdit linked with a DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO

The TAdvRichEdit linked with a DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO behaves badly, if the text of a record is formatted, when passing to the next one, if it has no format, it puts the format of the previous record. Yes, for example, it makes the last word bold, it makes all the text bold. Explanatory pdf attached.AdvRichEditor with DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO1.pdf (1.0 MB)

If you use DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO , it is expected that all records will have the content persisted in the DB field as RTF and not have plain text & RTF mixed. The component was not designed to handle the mixing of these formats.

When I say "plain text" I mean "rtf text that I have not given any format to, but which is rtf text", I have checked it and in the field there is no plain text, but rtf.

All the text I show in the pdf has been entered using a TAdvRichEdit + DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO.

Do you have exact steps how this can be reproduced with the demo under \Demo\AdvRichEditor\DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO

The same behavior occurs without doing anything (other than adding and formatting text).

It seems that when selecting all the text (or just the end, I'm not sure) and giving some formatting, the format is hooked, and where there is no format, it puts the format that has been hooked.

Explanatory pdf attached.AdvRichEdit.pdf (474.6 KB)

  • Note: I solved it by adding a hidden AdvRichEditor with the default font format I want and in the table scroll I make

AdvRichEditor1.Font: = AdvRichEditor2.Font;

(AdvRichEditor1 is the AdvRichEditor linked with the DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO)

  • Note 2: With DBAdvRichEditor I thought it was not happening, but this morning, inserting data, I think the same thing happened to me, although I have to confirm it.

We applied a small improvement for v10.6.8.0 that should normally address this.
We expect to release this next week, so please retest then.

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