TAdvPreviewMenu doesn't support other form actions

How can I make a TAdvPreviewMenu support TActions that are on another form? They don't appear in the drop down menu and if I manually paste they are ignored. Is there any workaround other than duplicating the actions on every form?

Also, is there any way to change the Help glyph used by TAdvToolbarPager?

Thanks IA


We'll investigate if we can enable this although it might be non-trivial.
A solution would be to assign this programmatically in code. 

The help button icon is set via the resource ATBHELP_BTN and ATBHELP_BTN2  in ADVTOOLBAR.RES

Actually, you can set it via the Object Inspector and it will then work in the Menu editor.

Correct, via the structure pane, you can also get to it. Thanks for reminding.