TAdvPanel StatusBar

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The TopIndent value of the StatusBar is ignored when the AdvPanel is on a Dialog Box.  Example:

Create a Standard Dialog (Vertical)
Drop a AdvPanel on it
Set the Statusbar to Visible
Enter some text in the status bar
Set the TopIndent to anything but 0
When the Dialog is shown at runtime the TopIndent is 0 instead of what was specified in the editor. 

This happens for auto created forms or dynamic.  As a workaround for now I am just specifying the value at form creation.

With this information, I cannot reproduce this.

If the problem persists with the latest version, can you provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this here?

Hey Bruno, I found my issue.  I had a AdvPanelStyler assigned so I should have been setting the  TopIndent in there.  Sorry!