Hi, after upgrade VCL UI to 10.7.7 every time I open the project the ActiveFont in AdvPageControl return to the default.
C++ 10.1 theme Carbon.

Any suggestion?

Also I have found problem using internal order in DBAdvGrid linked to EDBQuery in string field but I do not have time to prepare a test application.
I solved by doing the sorting at the database level which is slower.
Is there any known problems?

I can't see the TAdvPageControl issue with latest version
Do you have more details about "internal order" in TDBAdvGrid? We are not aware of an issue with this.

Click on "team" column and check if the order is correct.
Set the color of the ActiveFont in AdvPageControl to white, close the IDE, reopen and see the color restore to black.

ProvaDBGrid.zip (2.0 MB)

You use I asked to use which is the latest version.

For the sorting, in the team column you have data that can be interpreted as numeric (-) and other as string.
Guide the grid to interpret all as string

void __fastcall TForm1::DBAdvGrid1GetFormat(TObject *Sender, int ACol, TSortStyle &AStyle,
UnicodeString &aPrefix, UnicodeString &aSuffix)
AStyle = ssAlphabetic;

Ok i try

Ok, but the sorting on the "numGara" column set as ssNumeric is incorrect in the following example
What am I missing?
ProvaDBGrid.zip (644.3 KB)

This is because your data in a column like numGara is not real numeric data, there are spaces after the numbers, so it can only be treated as alphanumeric data this way.

Ok i will go custom
But how do I know the column I'm working on in the CustomCompare event?

OnCustomCompare is column agnostic.
If you need the column information, use OnRawCompare