TAdvOutlookList - Select with only one item, group


How do I select the 1st and the only item? Everytime I try to select it, I got the GROUP name selected as well which renders FirstSelectedItem useless.
If there are two or more items, it works.
I have also an open issue about a drop down compoents, posted about 2 months ago, no reply of what so ever.

It is by design that when ALL items in a group are selected, the entire group gets selected.

About your other question, where did you send this? Is this by email or posted in the forum?
Please contact us by email about this with a reference to the original question.

I don't have MultiSelect = true

There is just ONE item in the list.
When using Grouping, you got another row with the Group Name and then below another one with the Item
The issue is you can't select the ITEm without getting the GROPUING row selected as well
Just create one single enrty, enable grouping, you should have one group with one entry. Now try to select that entry; you'll get the group row selected as well, two rows selected instead of one. Add another entry to the group and now you can individually select any of the two items.
Would a picture help?

As I already explained, 

it is by design that when ALL items within a group are selected, the group is also shown as being selected, i.e. the entire group is selected. When the group has just one item, this indeed means that when this item is selected, the entire group is selected.

I get this then could you please tell me how do I get the selected item? Should I check for more than 1 items being selected althought I have the MultiSelect option disabled? Should I call NextSelectedItem instead?

I think it's confusing, why would you select two items if the MultiSelect is FALSE? Does not make any sense and complicates the procedure when you want to perform an action against the selected item (it seems calling FirstSelectedItem no longer applies).
Please correct me if I am wrong or better provide a solution to get the active item in a group when MultiSelect is FALSE and you may either have or not more than 1 item.

To find the selected item(s), you just check for selected items that are not group items.