TAdvOfficeRadioButton and TAdvOfficeCheckBox

If you put angle brackets into the Caption of these components, it does not display correctly.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


MyButton.Caption := '<hello> world';

In the absence of being able to turn off any HTML processing for the Caption text, it appears that the solution is to replace < with <

Of course the second < should be & lt ;

The slightly annoying result of all this is that other components like TAdvOfficeRadioGroup are inconsistent. The actual GroupBox Caption does not suffer from this, but the associated Radio Buttons within the Group do.

So perhaps this whole issue needs to be addressed across the range.

The groupbox caption doesn't support the use of HTML formatted text, the TAdvOfficeRadioButton (that is used inside the group) does support HTML formatted text and of course, < > is interpreted as a tag.