TWebLabel with caption <r-t> not visible

We use the convention to give all labels that are filled in at run-time as caption <r-t>. We do this to make life easier for the external parties that translate our software. When I do this for TWebLabel, these labels are not visible at run-time, even after filling in their actual contents.

NOTE: Also this board suffers with this. See the post title for the kind of caption I refer to.

It is HTML and in HTML , a character like < is expected to be written as "&lt;"

So, replace it like


Thanks Bruno, I gathered that was the reason why it behaves like that. But I design and code in Delphi, so I don't really want to know that my captions will be turned into HTML. Imho the unsafe characters should be replaced by entities by your code translation step. If not, then I assume that even all kinds of insecure injections could be done.

Yes and no.
For some users, it is desirable to have the ability to write HTML.
We will accomodate both by introducing a Caption property for classic text usage and a HTML property for full flexibility to use HTML tags

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