TAdvOfficePager with tsOffice2007Luna

Windows 7 SP1 x64
RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2
TMS VCL UI Pack v10.1.7.0


I've encountered a conflicting default property using the TAdvOfficePager with tsOffice2007Luna style (property not sticking).

To reproduce, create a new form with a TAdvOfficePager on it.

When you set the style to tsOffice2007Luna, the TabAppearance.Color property of all its TAdvOfficePage are set to clWhite.

In design time, move the TAdvOfficePager and save it. The TabAppearance.Color property of all its TAdvOfficePage are now set to clBtnFace.

Theses changes do not seem to impact the final rendering of the form on run-time.


I cannot reproduce this.  You mention change style to tsOffice2007Luna but there is no Style property. The property is UIStyle. Is this the one you change?

With steps:
1) Drop TAdvOfficePager on the form
2) Set AdvOfficePager.UIStyle = tsOffice2007Luna 
3) This changes at design-time to the selected style
4) Compile & run and this shows the TAdvOfficePager with the correct chosen style

Yes, sorry for the confusion, it's really UIStyle.

And you don't need to compile.

Change the UIStyle property, save and look at the DFM.

Move the pager (or resize the form, or whatever), save, and look at the DFM.

The TabAppearance.Color will have changed.

Fortunately, the TabAppearance.Color as no impact on the rendering at Run-time.

This "problem" is solely impacting the source code.

I tried to do exactly this multiple times, but the Office2007Luna style is kept here?

A Gif has been sent through Direct Support.

Since there's no visual problem with this, it will not be fixed. It's alright with me. We will adapt to ignore those diff while comparing code for SCM.

Response from Direct Support:

Dear Mr. Sylvain,


As the UIStyle uses the same colors as the AdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler, the colors are the same.

The colors in the property inspector do seem to be other colors than the ones that are used for some styles (especially older implemented styles).

But these don't have any effect on the styles in design time and run-time.


In case you do have any problems with them please let us know.


Kind regards,

Gjalt Vanhouwaert