TAdvNavBar.RemovePanel not updating PanelIndex?

TAdvNavBar v2.0.1.1 

RAD Studio 2009


I am having problems trying to free several dynamically created TAdvNavBarPanels. I am using the following code:


This works fine for the first panel.  Subsequent calls to this fail with Access Violation. I have traced through and it seems that the PanelIndex is not being updated for the remaining panels.

For example,  I have 3 Panels with PanelIndex of 0,1 and 2 respectively.  I use RemovePanel(1) and I should expect to have remaining panels, 0 and 1.  But I actually have 0 and 2.  So when I have to free the next panel (which has PanelIndex=2) I get an access violation as there is no panel 2.

So it seems that RemovePanel is not updating the remaining PanelIndex properties.

My workaround is:

aAdvNavbarPanel.AdvNavBar := nil;

which seems to be working okay.  Is this the best way?



We have traced & solved this problem. Next update will address this. RemovePanel will update the panel's PanelIndex value.

Thanks Bruno.