Issue with collapsed AdvPanel and "tab"


TMS Component Pack
Delphi 10.1 update 2
Windows 7 x64

To reproduce:
Create a new project
Drop a button (button1) and set it's TabOrder to 0
Drop an AdvPanel below the button (panel1) and set it's TabOrder to 1
Set this panel's Caption to Visible and MinMaxButton to True
Drop a panel (panel2) inside panel1
Drop a button (button2) inside panel2

Run the project
Press tab to switch the active control. It should work fine.
Now, collapse panel1 and tab again. The focus is always on button1 and never goes on button2 (this is working as expected)

Now close the project and set panel2 alignment to alClient.
Try agai and notice that when panel1 is collapsed, the focus can end up being on button2 when tabbing (this is the issue).

Is this something that can be fixed please?


We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.


I tested the fix provided in the incremental source update provided and there is still an issue with our application.

To reproduce do the same steps as before but set the BevelOuter property of panel1 to bvNone.

Can you fix this and send me a new incremental source update please?


We sent the update.