AdvMemo - search results highlighting


AdvMemo has one great feature - highlighting for search results and any custom text via HighlightText property.

I have a few simple questions regarding this feature:

- It's possible to change a color for this highlighting?  

- Can I turn on/off this highlighting without AdvMemoFindDialog.AutoHighlight property?

- AdvMemo has HighlightCaseSensetive property but what about HighlightWholeWords or something like that?


You can change the color for the highlight text via 

You can directly use the highlight feature with the property AdvMemo.HighlightText. When you set AdvMemo.HighlightText to an empty string, no text is highlighted.
Currently, there is unfortunately not a setting to highlight only full words. We've added this on the feature request list.

Thanks for this answers. It helped me.