I need to reproduce the menu styling shown in the first screenshot of https://www.qppstudio.net/webhelp_xv4/quarkxpress-tools-utilities.htm but I cannot find a way to get a) flat sides (where the icons are and b) the goden highlight.

I tried using preset styels, and then the menu styler and the demo, but I am lost in all the options.

so, same as in the above link, but no 3-D grey gradient on the left.

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Basically, the same as tsWindows10 but with the color of the selected item golden.

Using the TAdvMenuStyler, you can adapt the colors of all parts of the menu. Please have a look at  the TAdvMainMenu demo that has other than the Office styles also other styles that show its flexibility.

It is under Demos in the subfolder AdvMenus

As mentioned, I did spend a couple of hours using the demo project, but could not get the effect I wanted. Whatever settings I used, I could never get the selected item color to be "golden". And the only way to get rid of the Windows 7 3-d rounded bar on the left was to use one of the pre-sets. But these seem to preclude any other settings (ie. all other settings seem to be ignored).

I tested this here with the demo by setting the AdvOfficeMenuStyler.Style = tsCustom,  removing the code from the FormCreate event and set AdvOfficeMenuStyler.SelectedItem.Color to clYellow.

Thank you very much.

I never looked in the FormCreate code.
I'll give it a try.
How do I make the left part of the menu flat (no gradient) ?

You can set this with


Thank you :-)