TAdvMemo styles

Hi I'm trying to use some very simple styling with the TAdvMemo.  However the file is not really code, but a data file consisting of comma-delimited records, each record beginning with an id.  I just want to highlight the id.  E.g. if the file contains:
AAA,first record type
BBB,second record type
I want to highlight "AAA" or "BBB" in different colours.  I've added these as keywords to the styler, but the highlighting won't activate unless there is a space after the text. I tried setting BracketEnd to a comma but that did not make any difference.  Is there any way to do this?
Thanks, Robin

Did you try to add a style element of the type stSymbol and specify the comma (,) in TElementStyle.Symbols for this? 

OK that's a step forward.  Unfortunately the id can extend over several fields like this:
HC,1,1,0,some text
P1,2,3,4,other text
Here I want to highlight "HC,1,1,0" and "P1,2,3,4".  But now setting the comma as a symbol seems to prevent this.  So in effect I just want to set the exact text "HC,1,1,0" as a keyword and not really have any delimiters at all.  Is that possible?

BTW - Some of these records can be 64K or more in length.  I just tested with a line of 100K chars and that seems to work fine, but Is there a maximum line length in this control?


It is unfortunately not possible to let the comma be treated as a symbol in some cases and as part of a keyword in other cases.

The max. length is theoretically the max. Delphi string length or max value of an integer for number of lines.