TAdvLookupBar - SelectedLookUp

Hello TMS-Crew,

in our application I wanted to use the TAdvLookupBar with CategoryType 'alphanumeric' as a filterpanel for a dataset. While coding this I recognized the following:

Once you have selected a LookUp it persists until you close the application, even when you init the LookupBar by calling 'InitLookupBar' and the formerly selected Lookup not exists in new LookupStrings (simply to resolve by using empty stringlist).

I solved this by introducing a new puplic procedure named 'ResetSelectedLU' which simply sets the 'FCurrentChar' to default values and call it when needed.

Could you please add this or similar feature to further versions of TAdvLookupBar? It would be very pleasant!

Greetings from Germany and keep on rocking with your fantastic components!



P.S.: Sorry - early in the morning, still having only two cups of coffee - please move to 'general' ... ;)

Thanks for your feedback.
We have added reset of SelectedLookup in the InitLookupBar method. Next update will have this improvement.

Thanks! :)