TAdvListEditor TAB selection

All the programs I've seen use both RETURN key and TAB key when selecting a contact using the control which is similar to TAdvListEditor. For example Gmail but also many others.

In TAdvListEditor Return/Enter key is normally used to select an entry from the popup window. That works fine.

How can I add also the TAB key to be used as well? I would suggest to use TAB as an additional (possibly optional, through a properly) selection key.

I tried adding \t in the separator list, in hope of adding a tab and that crashed the component.

I will require some (non trivial) adaptions to the code to allow the TAB key to be used inside the control.

Does this mean you will add the feature / do such modifications?

We added it on the feature request list for consideration.

With sufficient demand and/or sufficient development time here, we will add it