TAdvGlowButton keyboard shortcuts


I've recently replaced all TSpeedButton in my app with TAdvGlowButton. This is so I could have a common imagelist for images and just reference them by index instead of embedding the image onto into the Glyph property on every TSpeedButton.

The problem now is the accelerator keys do not work without the Alt key.

If you add a 2 speed buttons with captions "&Yes" and "&No" onto a form you can just press Y or N on the keyboard to force the OnClick to fire.

With TAdvGlowButton this does not work.  You need to hold down the Alt key which makes my application a lot harder to use.

Is it possible for TAdvGlowButton to fire the OnClick event without the Alt key? I didn't see any likely property to enable this.

Or is there a different component I should be using to replace TSpeedButton which supports this plus the image list?

If not can I request a TAdvSpeedButton which functions the same as a TSpeedButton but has an ImageList/ImageIndex to make it easy to set the button image?

Commenting out this line in 

procedure TAdvCustomGlowButton.CMDialogChar(var Message: TCMDialogChar);

{if (GetKeyState(VK_MENU) and $8000 = $8000) then

fixes the issue.  Is there some reason you only accept accelerator keys when Alt key is pressed contrary to TSpeedButton behaviour?

This is the desired behavior when the button is used on toolbar / ribbon.
If you use the button standalone, best we can do is try to detect whether the button is on a toolbar and if so, require the Alt key and otherwise not.