Holding ALT+shortcut doesn't work: AdvShapeButton

Delphi XE3 VCL.
A Form using TAdvToolBarPager with an Application Menu Button (TAdvShapeButton version

Pressing and holding ALT and the ShortCutHint key for the TAdvShapeButton doesn't activate the menu.
Pressing ALT then releasing and then pressing the ShortCutHint key (eg, F) does work but this doesn't feel natural...the user may have held the ALT button down while pressing the shortcut.

I've modified the code in AdvShapeButton.pas which fixes the problem for me but you will know the best way to fix it...

procedure TAdvCustomShapeButton.CMDialogChar(var Message: TCMDialogChar);
  if (GetKeyState(VK_MENU) and $8000 = $8000) then                       // if ALT is pressed...
    if (CompareText(Char(Message.CharCode), Self.ShortCutHint)=0) then   // and Key is same as our ShortCutHint (case insensitive) then...
      Message.Result := 1;
      FInternalClick := True;
      self.click;                                                       // ...click the button
      FInternalClick := False;


We're investigating this.


Any idea if or when you can fix this ?
I've just updated to and it's still the same (2 and a 1/2 months later)
Having to press ALT once then release before pressing F is very annoying for users who are used MS Office style applications where you can also hold down ALT then press F and the menu appears


Sorry, this was overlooked, the case is reopened.

We can confirm this is now improved. The next update will have this improvement.