TADVEdit - Lookup - Partial match enhancement request?

The TADVEdit Lookup is great. Works fast and works pretty darn well.

One thing I get asked now by users is, can it do partial lookup?

Right now, say I have A list like this ( Just making this off top of my head, so please don't focus on the list it self being "simple" )

Front Door
Rear Door

and user types Door ... nothing is found.

User has to type Fr (for Font) or Re (for Rear) ... to get them to show up.

Not sure what this would exactly take, but it is being relayed to me as being very important to have by my end users.

Did you try to set
AdvEdit.FullTextSearch = true?

I did not... I was looking under "Lookup" for this ability to toggle on.

Enabled it and it seems to be working! Thanks!