Feature Request : TADVEdit.Lookup - Custom Sort ability

Delphi 11.3 and latest TMS VCL UI pack as of today.

I am using the TADVEdit.Lookup feature which everyone is liking A lot.

The only problem is sorting.

procedure TCustomAdvEdit.UpdateLookup;

This does

FLookupListBox.Sorted := True;

We have A list that is sorta sorted... we have some items that the users always want at the bottom of the list shown.

It would be nice to have this NOT sort and possibly call a custom sort event or something before showing the list? Anything that would allow me to define what the order of items are?

I do have a hacky hack that is hacky.

Insert $e0078 unicode infront of the list of items i want at the bottom.
And this pushes them to bottom on the sort.

"works" but figure it would be nice to have something offical.

Another thing I have been fighting was TopIndex.. Sometimes the listbox isn't scrolled to the exact matched item.

So I do something like this.. is this a bug and why i need to do this or feature option I am not seeing?

procedure TfrmFind.editLookupNeedData(Sender: TObject; Value: string; List: TStrings; var ItemIndex: Integer);
  idx: Integer;
  idx := List.IndexOf(Value);
  if idx > -1 then
    ItemIndex := idx;
    // scroll item into view
    // adds to message loop
    // ForceQueue, so control can do its thing first
        (Sender as TADVEdit).LookupList.ListControl.TopIndex := idx;

We added a property with which you can turn on or off the sorting. When it is off, the order in which you feed the data via OnLoookupNeedData will be kept.

I could either not understand or see the issue with making the selected item visible. I could do this from using ItemIndex where this becomes the first visible & selected item in the dropdown list.
If there are specific circumstances where this is not the case, please inform.