Delphi XE.

I am attempting to set up a filter to display only files with extension xyz and all directories and files in the directories with the same extension.

Reading the manual and searching the web, no joy.




You can use the Filter property for this:

AdvDirectoryTreeView1.Filter := '*.xyz';

Thanks for the response.

No that does not work. Yes it only displays the files with that extension but it also does not display directories.


The TAdvDirectoryTreeView does display directories, the filter only applies on the files. Can you explain more in detail what you want to achieve?

That the filter is filtering out directories is the issue. The filter appears to be an exclusion filter. If the extension does not match XYZ the item is not shown. The filter would not apply to directories, IMHO.


Are you using the latest version? We have applied some fixes recently regarding the filter

Version, I will try the latest.

OK. The latest version correct the issue.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you for your feedback !