TMSFMXDirectoryTreeView filter


Is it possible that the TMS FMX UI Pack
demo works different as it shows on the TMS FMX UI
Pack\Doc\TMS FMX TreeView.pdf (page 48)?

If I build and run the demo
it does not show the files when I use the default filter ().
(If I remove the '' from the filter, it shows the files correctly.)

(TMS FMX UI Pack v3.5.0.1 under RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2)

I used the . filter also, but it does not show the files also.

We've seen the issue with the filter and we're working to have this fixed asap with the next update.

To fix this issue, please set the Filter to an empty string.

I am using it with empty string, but the directory/file order problem is much more important for me.

What exactly is the "directory/file order problem" you refer to?