TAdvDBLookupComboBox as a selection control

I would like to use a TAdvDBLookupComboBox as a selection control.

I mean that I want to use de value of the KeyField but show the user the value of the lookupColumn. without linking the control to a datasource and a DataField, just using the listsource and the KeyField properties.
In DBLookupComboBox there is a  property named KeyValue that holds the key value for the text value shown in the control.
How can i accomplish this with your control?
Thanks in advance

TAdvDBLookupComboBox can be used in two modes , with & without datasource.
Please have a look at the demo AlcADO that shows the use of the component in the mode without a datafield & datasource connected.

Ok I see the demo but I do not see how to read the value of the column 2 (for example) when the combo box is showing the column 1.

I mean, how to read a value from any column that is not shown in the Combo Box once the user select certain row from the list.
The property  Text contains what is shown in the combo, the ItemIndex property contains the row selected from the list, but I can not see how to read values in the others columns from the same row.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.

From the OnClosed event you should be able to get the value from the dataset directly, ie.