TAdvAlertWindow without Form


I would like to use the AlertWindow in a Unit without any form.

I create the Window like this

    alerter := TAdvAlertWindow.Create(nil);
    alerter.AlphaEnd := 255;
    alerter.AlphaStart := 255;
    alerter.AlwaysOnTop := true;
    alerter.AutoDelete := true;
    alerter.AutoHide := false;
    alerter.AutoSize := false;
    alerter.FadeStep := 0;
    alerter.FadeTime := 0;
    alerter.Hover := false;
    alerter.PopupHeight := 180;
    alerter.PopupWidth := 600;
    alerter.PositionFormat := 'Message notification %d of %d';
    alerter.ShowDelete := true;
    alerter.ShowPopup := false;
    alerter.ShowScrollers := true;
    alerter.WindowPosition := wpLeftBottom;
    alerter.Style := asOffice2010Blue;

When I add a Text and show the Window everything looks fine. But when I click on the close X or on the Close-Alert X the Messages disappear one by one but at last there is the empty Alert-Window with just the Close X left and this one does not disappear or hide but stays open until the application close.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I just copied all properties from our Alert-Window created with a form and created the window by hand but somethings seems to be missing.

The component should have an owner. Now you set the owner to nil and this is causing the problem. Set the owner to the parent form for the TAdvAlertWindow.

Ok this works thx