TableView OnItemDelete Event

The delete button shows when I slide the item but the event doesn't fire. Am I missing anything?

OnItemDelete is triggered as expected here, which version of Rad Studio are you using?


Can you send us an example that demonstrates this?

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It is connected with the iOS StyleBook I am using. If I have no stylebook it works fine. I have added the tableview component to my style book and changed some colours. I did this with the previous version of your components. Is it possible that some naming conventions have changed in your latest version that requires me to recreate it in the stylebook?

It could be possible that this is a StyleBook interference. We have added a default TTMSFMXTableView on the form and edited the custom style which generated a StyleBook but we could not reproduce the issue.

I have recreated the TTMSFMXTableView style and it now works fine.