TTMCFNCTableView Android Problem


I'm using a tableview with an HTMLTemplate and an accessory button. If the text is to wide on all other platforms it goes behind the button bot on android it is on top of the button.




It should automatically word-wrap when there is not enough room for the text to be displayed. We have tested this here and the text is automatically word-wrapped:


Thanks. This works perfectly in a test project. I will have to do some more digging!

Attached project illustrates the problem
.FNC (31.8 KB)


It's related to combination of font-sizes and the default font-size that does not match. We are currently investigating this here.


We have investigated this here and after DAYS of searching why the auto-sizing is not working, we found out that you override the defaultitem height property and set it to 44 instead of leaving it on -1. When setting the height property of the item (or default item), the auto-sizing is ignored. So to fix the issue, set the default item height property to -1.

Thanks. Sorry it took you so long but this setting should surely be ignored if the HeightMode is set to tvhmVariable!

No it should not, because you should be able to mix and match auto-sized items and fixed items. Some users would want to mix this and have some items be a fixed size no matter the content, while others can be auto-sizing. So we decided to go for maximum flexibility here.

Sure but if it was me I would set this either way when adding the item.