I have created my own component. Edit part overlay panel. I need to see this panel when my calendar disappears. I click outside the calendar. How can this be done?

  TjstDBDatePicker = class(TDBAdvSmoothDatePicker)

I mean set visible to the true.

It would be helpful to contact us by email and send a sample source project with which we can reproduce this problem here so we know sufficient details.

Please do not look for anything extra. Actually, I have nothing to send you.
I just need to have an overlapped part from the left button (edit box). For panel I have TAdvEditDay, TAdvEditMonth, panel with PanelYear and it contains TAdvEditDayYear and finally button clean.
I always want to see this panel. Except when I enter a date using AdvSmoothDatePicker.Calendar. I solve it using Panel.Visible. Everything works fine for me. Except when I show, with button, the calendar and then click somewhere outside it. Calendar disappears, but I can't see the panel.
I did not find any suitable method.

It's unclear exactly what you want, please explain in detailed step-by-step instructions what happens and what you want to achieve. You have created your own component I suppose and that it somehow has the TAdvSmoothDatePicker integrated? What exactly does not work?