Support of built in procedure in NexusDB

One of the reasons why buying Data Modeler was the announcement of support of making built in procedures.

Opening my NexusDB project I work with at moment, Procedures is indeed a menu item, but all menu items are greyed out and not accesible.

In addition, after adding some procedures using NexusDB  Enterprise Manager, the procedures didn't turn up at all.

I would guess that reason is that embedded procedures (and functions) is still not supported except for menu declaration.

When will built-in procedures be supported?

Hi Alf, not sure if I understand what you said. What do you mean "procedures still not supported except for menu declaration"?

I did some tests here, and Procedures work just fine when targeting NexusDB. You can create new procedures, type the content, and they appear in the SQL script for generating database. They are also being imported from an existing database. Can you provide more info?

Problem turns out to be a little complicated.

If I import a project without already included some procedures. the submenu is not actiavateable. Just grayed out.

If I import a project with procedures, they are now shown and imported. Ok.

But, just after importing, the procedure menu has no active menu elements, so I cannot directly make new procedures.
After clicking one of the procedures, though, the procedure submenues are active and I can choose to design a new procedure.

So in order to be able to design new procedures from scratch in the designer, I must first export the model to server and in NexusDB Enterprise Manager add at least one procedure in order to cut the Gordic knot in two pieces :-)

Hi Alf, I still don't see this happening. If I create a new empty project for NexusDB, or if I import an existing database without procedures, the "procedure" button in the ribbon is enabled, and if I right click the empty "Procedures" section at the left of the Data Modeler window, there is also menu option  "New procedure" which is enabled. Can you maybe give more detailed steps to reproduce (although your were well detailed) or maybe a screenshot showing the problem?

Well, if I first click on the panel above all options, then it works, but if I immediately right click the Procedure menu directly, all menues are greyed out. But after clicking the panel, I'm able to intruduice new procedures.

By the way, Enterprise Manager do now support built-in functions. I can't find that is possible.

you will find it under Stored procedure when you click on Add. Then two options pops up, Function and Procedures.

Maybe something to add support for:-)
Testing my database, I find though that import support importing functions, but at design, most people would perhaps realize it is possible to create :-)