Aurelius connection to MySQL via uniDAC at designtime?

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I have been using Devart's uniDAC components for a decade now. They provide seamless connectivity to any database (SQLite, MsSQL, Oracle, MySQL etc.). I am in the process of setting up an XData Server. Would be great if Aurelius could help me to connect with mySQL via uniDAC. Are there any plans to use Aurelius to establish a database connection via uniDAC at designtime? Currently, I am using MsSQL Server Express as a workaround... or SQLite

Thank you for the kind words, Christoph!
UniDAC adapter is not installed at design-time by default because for most users the installation will fail as UniDAC is not installed.

But you can simply manually create a package and install it yourself:

Thanks Wagner, for the prompt response! :slight_smile:
I tried the Data Modeler (latest version, 21.01.2022). Unfortunately, I get this answer:
"Cannot load vendor library [Iibmysql.dll or Iibmysqld.dll]. libmysql.dll has unsupported architecture [x64]. Required [x86]." Apparently, FireDAC does not support x64 architecture. I am using MySQL 8.0.
Do I really have to install mySQL 5.71? (I think it was last version to support x86)
Btw, in the DB selection dialog it lists MS SQL Server up to version 2016. I have 2019 version installed :thinking:

As for your suggestion to "simply manually create a package and install it yourself", I would really appreciate if you could elaborate on that a bit more. All my components are up-to-date (Delphi 11, Aurelius, uniDAC 9.1.1). So far, I do not have much experience with creating packages.

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To create package, use the Delphi menu File | New | Package:

Delphi will create a package, right click Contains folder and choose Add...:


Find and choose the Aurelius.Drivers.UniDac.pas file:

Then right-click the package name and click Install. You can save the package somewhere in your disk for later usage and recompilation.

About Data Modeler, indeed you have to use a x86 version of libmysql.dll file. You can use 5.7 version and the same for MS SQL, you can choose a previous version. Data Modeles uses very minimal database communication features, just to retrieve database structure.

You should also add the following attached file to the package, so that UniDac support is available at design-time.

Aurelius.Drivers.Unidac.Design.pas (755 Bytes)

Thank you so much, Wagner!
Your excellent explanation that will get me started!

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