Support AWS services

Hello, This is JH Jang from Korea.
The TMS components are used in many of our applications. Primarily, the Biz line(Sparkle, Aurelius) is beneficial. Thank you for your excellent product.

These days my team considering stored data to a NoSQL DB for in-house support needs and our client. Unfortunately, we cannot find any component for support AWS DynamoDB. The CDATA supports the DynamoDB, but it is not like the Aurelius. It just traditional data access component.

And also we were looking at and studying the related the AWS services because the Amazon has the great modeling about the maintenance and create services. I think the AWS is like the awesome wheel used widely in the market.

My hope and a question are, Are you have any plan to:
  • Support the AWS services?
    • Support DynamoDB?
    • Support Cognito?
Can I see the component which supports the AWS services by TMS product line?
If not, could you consider it by positively?

Thank you
from JH Jang.

As for Aurelius and DynamoDB, we are still
investigating NoSQL support. It will require some changes in the way Aurelius
is used (because of different paradigm between Sql and NoSql), so it?s
something in the radar to support databases like MongoDB and DynamoDB, but
still we don?t have a timeframe for that.

With respect Cognito, this is something different. We'll investigate and consider this.
We've added it on the feature request list, so, we'll gauge interest for this service also this way: