ADvGlowbutton Default Appearance

I am using Glowbuttons in conjunction with the styling tools. When I set AdvGlowButton.Default := true and move to a vanilla edit field or other vanilla control, the AdvGlowbutton properly functions as the default button. However, there is no visual indication that the glowbutton is default -- for example, the focus rectangle is not drawn around the button (and it it does not glow like a vanilla tbutton). Is there some setting that will produce a visual indication that the button is the default? If this can't be done with the Glowbutton, can it be done with any other tms buttons that utilize tms styles?

Thank you!
When the button’s Default property is set to true, the button should not always draw with a focus border (as it can have no focus in the state Default = true as well).
The TAdvGlowButton offers extensive visual customization capabilities (as opposed to a TButton) so if you want to make your default button visually different from a regular button, 
please change its appearance via AdvGlowButton.Appearance.

Yes, I am using Advglowbutton precisely because I need its ability to be customized. In particular, I need the color to reflect the TMS Style. The difficulty is that I am also trying o make the application consistent with what seems to be standard Windows behavior. To see what I mean, please:

1. Open Notepad in Windows 7. 
2. Open the font dialog.
3. Tab to the cancel Key. Note that the Cancel key of course is highlighted.
4. Now click on one of the fonts. Notice that the button highlighting has switched back to the Default button (the OK button).

This behavior is common throughout Microsoft applications -- at least in Windows 7 and it is what I am trying to achieve.

Delphi TButtons also perform in this way (with the default button highlighted) and I would simply use a TButton where it not for the fact that I am using TMS Styler throughout my many dialogs and Tbuttons would not look right with the style I have selected. 

Thank you

When TabStop = true and the button has focus, it will display with a focus border to visually indicate the focused button.
Other than this, TAdvGlowButton does not descend from TButton and its color settings are independent from the standard Windows settings.