StrToFloat ignores decimal numbers


is it possible, that TMS WebCore ignore decimal-numbers?

I try to realize a simple multiplication via xdatawebserver. in vcl it works fine, but in TMS Web I am not able to insert decimal numbers.

5x6=30 works well
5,66*6,33=358278 instead of 35,8278

If I check the StrToFloat-Result I get 566 and 633 instead of 5,66 and 6,33.

I tried to enter 5.66 instead of 5,66 but then I get an error.

Here the procedure:
procedure TFrmMain.btnMultiplicationClick(Sender: TObject);
   procedure OnResponse(Response: TXDataClientResponse);
      Edit_Result.Text:=string( TJSObject(Response.Result)['value']);
var   A, B: real;
                        [A, B], @OnResponse);

Thanks for support

I suspect your browser ThousandSeparator is comma and DecimalSeparator a dot.
Note that a browser ThousandSeparator, DecimalSeparator  is not necessarily the same as the operating system ThousandSeparator, DecimalSeparator as the browser uses its own locale.