Decimal seperator in twebedit or webdbedit

How can I use this components and others in webcore for input float values with comma as decimal seperator?

Did you set WebEdit.EditType = weFloat , weSignedFloat?

Yes I did. Tcheck this put two webedit and a button on a form and then do this:

procedure TForm1.WebButton2Click(Sender: TObject);
var f:double;
As example, write 1,5 in edit1 and click button. Edit2 shows then 22.5. Dot not comma.

It seems as if the comma is removed from the Text in edit1.

If I type 1.5 I get the correct value 2.25, also with dot.

Also values in dbgrids are shown with dot as decimal seperator.

I could not find something like global format settings.

There is FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator, just like in VCL.

Ok, this works. If using, you have tot think about not only the decimalseperator, also you have to set the thousendseperator to''. If not strtofloat will just remove the comma.