Hello devs,

I need to convert a float into string, but nothing works. The following code returns 11 : showmessage(floatToStr(strToFloat('1.1')));

The value is in a TWebClientDataset, and the following code doesn't work neither : 

I tried working with currency, doesn't change anything.

This is really a basic operation, and a big issue to fix.

IMPORTANT : all is OK on Chrome, I have the problem with Firefox and Edge

Was handled in another post:



Thank you for your answer.

I already tried to modify the DecimalSeparator with the following code : 
DecimalSeparator := '.';

But that doesn't work.

If you set DecimalSeparator you will want to look at ThousandSeparator as well to ensure these are not the same!Bruno Fierens2019-10-31 14:47:03