Stop changing diagram origin when a symbol is placed too far left or above

I am generating shapes and connecting lines relative to an existing control. Occasionally this causes a shape to be created too far to the left and it causes the entire diagram to shift to the right to accommodate placing the symbol within the first page. Is there some way to prevent everything shifting to the right?

You can try to set CanMoveOutOfBounds property to False.

I have already set that property. It works well under most circumstances, except the one mentioned above.

Perhaps another way to deal with it is: an event that triggers when the origin changes that identifies (or perhaps requests) the offset. My system will still work if the origin was moved an entire page width, however I would also need to be able to cancel the insertion if it were too high, as I have set a limit on the pages so they are strictly 1 row.

If you have full control, why don't you simply avoid adding controls at such position?