Single Page Layout and Pixels


I'm just starting to look at the design studio. We don't really need it for flowcharts but as a kind of form designer, where each object will later correspond to a Delphi component. The objects will be exported with their type, bounds and position as XML.

My question now is whether it is possible that there is only one page and the objects stay "in it"? Negative I found: CanMoveOutOfBounds...

Basically I need a canvas with X * Y pixels...

And that's why I don't need DPI, inches, millimeters or something like that, but simply pixels. Can I set that too? So everything works in pixel mode?

Is it possible to adjust the minimum size of objects somewhere?

Regards, Kai


Why don't you simply set the width and height of the diagram control to the fixed pixels you need, and that's it?
And you can always detect when a control has been moved (using events), detect if they are outside the diagram, and move them back if needed.