Sideline stuck between link points


If I link 2 blocks (2 FlowActionBlocks for example) of the same size and exactly aligned vertically with a DiagramSideLine from the bottom of the lower block to the top of the upper block (for example), I get a line that I can stretch to the right (only) so that it does not cross the blocks. OK.

If I move one of the two blocks to the right or to the left, even by one point, the line is "stuck" horizontally, I can no longer pull it away from the blocks. I know I can use a polyline do do what I want, but is this behaviour normal ?


That's expected behavior. When the two points have a space between them, the middle line necessarily needs to be between those two points.

Move one block to the right much more than one point, and you will see the behavior more clearly.

OK, thanks.

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