Stack overflow when using TAdvGridColumnPicker

I have a working program with a TAdvColumnGrid. The Grid has 1 fixed column and goColSizing, goColMoving, goRowSelect and goFixedColClick set to True.
I then add a TAdvGridColumnPicker, set its Grid property to the TAdvColumnGrid and set the ClickCell event of the grid so that it Shows the TAdvGridColumnPicker when I click on the upperlefthand cell.

procedure TFormHoofd.AdvCGlicentiesClickCell(Sender: TObject; ARow,
  ACol: Integer);
  if (ARow = 0) and (ACol = 0) then

I click on the cell and the pickerform shows after a while. The red cross that should be in the upper righthand corner is NOT shown.
I then drag some columns in and out of the picker and then close it with Alt-F4.
When I close the program I always get a 'Stack overflow'. It's not necessary to drag and drop columns, just open the picker. When I do NOT open the picker no error occurs.

I can also add to that, that dragging and dropping columns is not possible anymore after opening and closing the picker.

  1. The red cross is shown when you set biSystemMenu = true in AdvGridColumnPicker.BorderIcons 

    2. I cannot reproduce the stack overflow

    3. I cannot reproduce that drag & drop is not longer possible when you open & close the picker

    Do you use the latest version of the component?

I do use the very latest version. The one from July 4th
After switching on the red cross as you mentioned everything works ok, except for the drag and drop. But that seems to depend on which columns are dragged off.
I can't reproduce it anymore. Very peculiar... I removed the picker and put it back, no problem anymore. Very strange.
Thanks for checking it out.